Body of Mist and Light


This footage is demonstrating a project that is an interactive, motion tracking stage. It emits mist and light to follow a performers hand movements around a stage and reacts to his gestures which control the way the mist and light expresses itself. For example when the perform spreads his fingers in a the environment changes from red with blue trails to blue with red trails.

Future version

The future version of this project will include a higher resolution of misting points so that the mist connects together and seems to move as a cohesive unit.


This project was developed as my senior thesis project and was presented at the Big South Undergraduate Research Conference.


I wrote an academic research paper on this project outlining the technical and artistic feats. This research has been published in 2 peer reviewed research journals:

-Big South Undergraduate Research Journal, 2009
-University of North Carolina Asheville Undergraduate Research Journal, 2009