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This is a collabortive project orgastrated and commissioned by musical composer/producer Logos. My roll was to design the reavtive lighting and audio visualization.

The Psyborg is a frequency reactive musical performance station that is shaped like a futuristic, "steam punk" organ. It holds cabinets of electronic audio gear, instruments and a computer to be used in musical performances. My role in the project was to design and implement frequency reactive lightscapes that fill the pipes and outside cabinets of the organ.

The pipes hold a matrix of over 800 individually addressable LEDs that create bars of light reflect the level of various audio frequencies in real time. For the outside cabinets I utilized the infinite reflection seen in between two mirrors. I sandwiched circular arrays of, (aproximately 100), individually addressable LEDs in between a back mirror and a two-way mirror on the outside. the effect is that the when the lights were off the panel looked looked like a normal mirror, but when the lights are on each light seem to reflect into infinity. The lights in the mirrors moved in patterns whose parameters were controlled by the audio input.


Technical Details

I used 2 Lightuino processors with audio spectrum analyzers to process the audio input and program the lights. Because I was controlling aproximately 900 light channels I utilized matrix scanning and persistence of vision techniques to maximize the number of lights i could address.